Skin Types

Know what your skin needs to get the most out of your skin care products.
Your skin is as unique as a fingerprint and caring for it requires a combination of products that is unique to you. The information on this page can help you identify what your skin needs. Utilizing this information you can put together a routine that will leave your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

The Purpose of Skin Care


  • Clean and Exfoliate
  • Correct and Re-Balance the External Cutaneous System
  • Protect Lipid Barriers from Photo and Environmental Damage
  • Prevention of Transdermal Water Loss
  • Enhance Circulation & Lymphatic Activity
  • Rejuvenation of Skin Tone and Appearance

Importance of pH Balance

The ideal pH of your skin is around 5.5 (moderately acidic). Using products that move your natural skin type closer to that will help get the most out of them. The best way to accomplish this is through a combination of products that work synergistically with each other. Use the information below to find out what your natural skin pH range is.

pH Range

pH Range: Moderately Acidic

Basically healthy and pH stabalized. It is neither too oily nor too dry with no skin eruptions. It requires only routine care. Combination skin has T-Zone type oiliness with some dry areas. The skin has a fine texture with small follicle (pore) size. Oiliness occurs within three hours of thorough cleansing on the forehead, nose and chin.


pH Range: Slightly Acidic

A deficiency in water causes dehydration of the inner and intermediate layers of the epidermis. A major demarcation of the skin is excessive shedding. This condition has a transparent or thin texture and closed, tight follicle. The skin becomes dull, thin, looses its elasticity and wrinkles prematurely. The aging process of the skin slows secretions and cellular regeneration which causes loss of skin tone, cutaneous compactness, increased wrinkles and dehydration.


Environmental Damage
pH Range: Slightly Acidic

Seen in aged or severely solar damaged skin. Poor circulation within inner or intermediate layers of the epidermis cause atonic and asphyxiated skin.


pH Range: Very Acidic

Suffers from more than T-Zone oiliness. The skin is not necessarily toxic, but naturally produces an excess of sebaceous matter. This condition is characterized as having normal-to-enlarged follicle and sporadic breakouts due to excessive oil, protein and keratinized matter.


pH Range: Very Acidic

Usually thin, delicate and highly reactive skin. Often subject to congestion and telangietascia accompanied with dry, flakiness. Flushes easily and is sensitive to touch or application of product.


pH Range: Wide Range

Post-surgical skin is highly sensitive and in need of  gentle supportive care. Highly aggressive products should be avoided until the skin if fully healed.